Prefab World Cabin Nigeria

Services We Provide

Discover a cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution for your cabin needs with Prefab World Cabin Int’l Services.

Here's what we offer


Industrial Advancement

Constantly we utilize up to date technologies and manufacturing techniques


Construction Expertise

Our engineering team has a combined technical experience of over 100 years


Speed of Project

We offer smooth and fast cabin projects. From design to construction and to the delivery destination


3D Modeling

At the start of your project, we provide you with a 3D model of the entire project making sure you have visuals of the finished product


Collaborative Design

We work closely with our clients on every stage of the project form start to finish


Engineering Standard

We maintain the highest standards for all our construction projects both materials and personnel


Solid Relationship

During and after the completion of your project we maintain communication and keep the relationship


Energy Efficient

Utilizing renewable materials to implementing energy-efficient designs, we strive to provide cabins that are eco-friendly

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