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Trust us to offer the best of both worlds – affordable prices and eco-friendly solutions.

Portable cabins designed and manufactured by Prefab World Cabin Int'l Services Nigeria

Choose a well recognized and renowned cabin manufacturer for your portable cabin needs, and let us create a comfortable and sustainable living space that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in achieving your cabin goals.

black and white tiles cabin

3m x 7m black and white design cabin

prefab cabin wooden design

3m x 6m prefab cabin wooden designcabin

Duplex-cabin design

Duplex-Cabin design by Prefab

dark-prebrecated design cabin

3m x 6m dark prefabricated design cabincabin

grey-prefabricated design cabin

3m x 7m black and white design cabin

3m x 7m cabin design

3m x 7m classic cabin design

wooden design portable cabin design

3m x 9m wooden portable cabin design

white design portable cabin

3m x 9m classic white cabin design

3m X 4m prefab cabin design

3m X 4m prefab cabin design

grey cabin 3m X 7m design cabin

brown portable cabins 3m X 7m design made by prefab

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