Design applications of cabin shelters for home – business – office


Design applications of cabin shelters for home – business – office


Engineers across the globe have made it paramount to implement environmentally friendly structures and design in cabin shelters for home, business or office. This is why today’s engineering structures are built to enhance the livelihood of the people and their surroundings through low carbon emission projects, excellent waste management systems and low energy consumption facilities.

Prefab world cabins, is no exception for this particular subject. The Abuja based company has made energy-saving projects and eco-friendly constructions a high priority on its list of agendas and objectives in order to serve all its consumers based in Nigeria and beyond efficiently. This approach has lead to the offering of the best quality cabin shelters that are environmentally friendly, affordable and in doing so at the fastest time possible.

In this article, we delve deeper into the different designs and sizes of modern cabin shelters and the various applications that will definitely yield maximum profit for whatever the users need may be. Here are 5 different cabin sizes and the design applications for each of these cabins.Furthermore, visit this page to get in-depth design options that fit your needs here

  1. Duplex Terrance Cabin Design (Home or Business):

    This design structure is very effective for personal home purposes, hotel/motel and even office homes. The size of the cabins may vary, from 12feet to about 24feet, depending on the choice of the customer. Cabin shelters that are stacked on top of each other are essential to increase production output and maximize space at the same time.                                 Terrence-duplex-cabin-design-application

  2. 40 feet Prefab Design  (12 meters by 4.6 meters):

    This cabin size and structure is very lucrative for personal home needs, business and storage ware housing and also office residence. There are numerous uses for the particular cabin size, which in most cases are dynamic and rely significantly on customer’s requirements.     4.6metres-by-12metres-Cabin-design-applications

  3. 30 feet Portable Cabin (9 meters by 3 meters):

    When we define economical cabin shelters, then this cabin size reflects those attributes perfectly. It offers versatility for almost all functions. From personal home stay, business and ware housing storage and even official purposes. The design size covers it all. In most cases, customers may also prefer to implement additional features to increase the efficiency of their cabin shelter.      3meters-by-9meters-cabin-design-applications   

  4. Kiosk Design Shelters (1.5 meters by 2 meters):

    The design structure is reliant on the customers’ needs. Frequent instances reveal that many of these cabin sizes are used for security posts, retail store front and even for public convenience purposes (toilet). The cabin size ultimately performs its purpose effectively, especially in remote areas where temporary structures are required to maintain business activities or everyday routines.        1.5meters-by-2meters-cabin-design-applications-in-nigeria

  5. Custom Design Size and Applications:

    In this section, the cabin sizes are hugely dependent on the customer’s requirements and needs. The cabin sizes are fabricated to meet the customers’ request. This requires manufacturing and re-designing of the portacabins in order to fulfill the tasks that it is meant to achieve. The benefits of this design approach is that it offers a plain canvas to be creative.


So there you have it, the complete details of the right cabin size you need for your business or home and office use.For more assistance on getting the right design and size for your business. home or office please contact prefabworldcabin.

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